Our Services

The main services rendered by the firm include;

  • Audit services

Financial audit, Management Audit, Systems Audit and other specialized audits.  The audit assignments are carried out for Donor requirements, Statutory Compliance as well as compliance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards.  Our findings are communicated on time in audit reports, financial statements and accounts.  As an important aspect for clients’ advice and reporting, we prepare a management letter for each assignment, highlighting areas that need attention and possible action as well as recommend possible solutions as contained in the letter.  We are always at hand to assist the clients to implement the recommendations as desired.  Target clients:  Companies, NGOs, Development Organisation, Christian Organisations (hospitals) Microfinance Institutions and SACCOs, among others.

  •  Accountancy Services

Accounting services will entail designing of accounting system and documentation of transactions, with relevant internal control features such as authorisation, approval and coding.  The main output of accounting in form of computerised reports would include;  General ledger, Bank reconciliation, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Inventory report, Payroll, Fixed assets register, Cash flow projections, Financial statements, Financial variance and budgetary analysis, Monthly and Annual reports.

Target clients:  Small and Medium Size (SMEs), Business, Microfinance Institution,

Non-Governmental Institution etc.

  •  Financial Management

 Development of Financial Management tools, Business Plans and Cashflow Projections, Investment Advisory, Value for money Assessments, Financial Statements Structuring and Capacity Building for Financial Planning, Implementation and Reviews.  Training courses on Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers, Not for Profit Financial Management, Fund Management and Project Management.  Target clients: Non-Financial Managers, Project Managers, Programme Managers and Chief Executive Officers, Accounts, Financial Controllers.

  •  Management Consultancy

Strategic Management, Business and Strategic Plans, Performance Management and Analysis.

Financial Management, Resources Management, Efficiency and Effective Measurement and Evaluation of planned activities as well as evaluation of adequacy and appropriateness of the capacity needs.  We also advice on policy issues, management structures as well as reporting methods and reports.

Institutional Development, Organisational  Structuring and Restructuring, Positioning and Benchmarking,  Organizational and Processes Evaluations in relation to policy development and implementation procedures are part of the services provided where required. Target clients: Growth oriented Institutions, Development Organisations, NGOs, MFIs etc.

  •  Institutional Due Diligence and Risk Analysis

This includes Business Valuation, Investment Appraisal, Profitability Analysis, Assets Productivity Business Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy (B3es) to determine the financial value as well as business potential value within a certain timeframe.  Approach includes financial analysis, performance analysis, simulations, sensitivity analysis and projected financial modelling.

The main focus of the assignments we have undertaken has been to determine institutional financial value, opportunity value and growth potential and future value.  This also includes the determination of the business risk exposure with a focus on the institutional core business, competitive advantage and risk on external factors. Target Clients: Commercial Businesses, Financial institutions, Cooperatives,

Micro-finance Institutions etc.

  •  Systems Development

Focus on both  accounting as well as operating systems evaluation and development of results oriented systems with in-built internal controls.  This takes into account the size of the organization and projected expansion.  This includes both manual and computerized systems depending on the well assessed best fit of the client.  Target clients:  Development Organisations, NGOs, Business Enterprises, SMEs, MFIs, SACCOs, etc.

  • Human Resources

Human Resources Development Strategy and Performance based HR Directing and Mapping. Evaluation of Personnel Requirements, Recruitment Procedures, Training Needs, Performance Appraisals and Statutory as well as other regulatory matters are but some of the human resources management issues we provide quality services on.  Target clients:  Directors, Managers, Supervisors and HR staff.

  •  Taxation

Corporate and individual tax obligations, tax planning, compliance and returns for residents, nationals and expatriates.  This incorporates benefits, tax exceptions as well as advisory services in all aspects.

Target clients: Development organisations, NGOs, Companies, SMEs, Programmes and Individuals.(Local and Expatriates).

  •  Investigation

Financial, Materials, Procurements, Assets, Personnel, Business Investment Opportunities, Resources use as well as Frauds.  The investigation approach is determined by the specific aspects that the client is concerned about as articulated by the terms of reference and guided by ourselves where considered technically necessary and strategically desirable.  Target clients:  All nature and type of Organisations, Businesses, Government Programmes etc.

  •  Policy Development and Synthesis

Policies are developed focused on long term objectives as structured to respond to immediate needs.  The policies which are compatible with the legal framework and relevant, comply with the wider structure of institutions and donor partners, strategic plans and responsive to specific needs as predetermined in the feasibility studies.  Target clients:  Development Organisations, NGOs, Projects, Business Enterprises/Programmes etc.

  •  Governance and Organizational Structures

Directorship and Management, Vision, Mission and Strategy, Institutional Statutory and Legal Requirements, Roles and Responsibilities of Directors, Fiduciary Duties of Directors, Policy Development, Approval and Implementation, Reporting and Reporting Requirements, Directors and Risk Management, Directors and Institutional Performance, Directors and Strategic Management.  All other aspects of institutional capacity, capability and co-ordinated structures to ensure proper implementation of policies, operational controls as well as consistency and adaptability are addressed in this section.

Target clients:  Directors, CEOs, General Managers, Senior Management.

  •  Strategic Planning

The process involves envisioned plan for an institution’s growth and development providing particular services and products with strategically organised and managed financial resources, human resources and other resources that ensure attainment of the stated goals and objectives in the most effective and efficient manner.  This encompasses development of business plan, tasks plans and performance parameters.

Target clients:  All Development Organisations, NGOs and Business Enterprise, Government, Managers and Directors etc.

  • Planning, Implementation and Monitoring

Strategic planning, distribution, allocation and efficient enhancement of resources as well as implementation procedures with integrated continuos assessment and results analysis as well as strategic evaluations based on determined criteria are the approach as that are utilized with clearly defined tools.  Target clients: Development Organisations, NGOs, Business Enterprises, Government, Programmes etc.

  • Institutional Evaluation and Assessment

Critical review of institutional performance, growth, mission, goals and objectives with respective defined criteria and carrying comparative analysis review to determine the institutional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) as a basis of a diagnostic review that provides the understanding of the particular institutional positioning and future strategy.  Target clients: Mainly Development Organisations, NGOs, MFIs, SACCOs etc.

  •  Impact Assessment

Quantitative and qualitative assessment, comparison of actual against intended and planned results and/or predetermined parameters.  Efficiency and effective measurement of outputs are taken into account with respect to defined objectives, implementation structure, logistical framework and expected results.

Target clients: Development Organisations, NGOs, Programmes and Projects, MFIs etc.

  •  Resources Management

Identification, allocation, distribution and constant review of production process at different implementation and product levels.  This also includes management and administration of resources for optimum results. Target clients:  Institution Managers and Senior Staff for Projects Development Institutions and Business Enterprise.

  •  Fundraising support

Advisory on matching clients needs with potential development partners, using our wide experience on various development partners and areas of their activities and resource investments.  Development of proposals, business plans and strategic plans, that are in line with the supply side of resources mobilisation as well as the demand side of the service delivery.

We endeavour to ensure that the proposals developed are driven by the clients specific needs and target as far as possible and the development partners in areas of interest and support.  The proposal and contents are therefore focused and packaged to be attractive and meet the expectations of both stakeholders.  Part of the proposal development includes research and market study to identify key strategic factors, products and services which are potentially available from both supply and demand side of the institutional operations.  Target clients: NGOs Development organisations, Programmes, Project, SMEs and SACCOs.

  •  Management Information Systems

Development and implementation of operational systems, training, manual and computerized recording of data, design of operations and documentation procedures.  Design and development of methodologies and reporting procedures.  Target clients:  Development Organisations, Programmes, NGOs, SMEs, SACCOs,  Business Enterprises etc.

  •  Capacity Building

Identification of institutions, programmes and projects needs and designing appropriate methodologies of staff recruitment, appraisal, training and promotions recommendation on assets, working capital and personnel needs and appropriate financial structures.  Target clients: Development Sector, Business Enterprise Sector, Project Development Sector, Micro Finance Sector and Financial Sector etc.

  •  Micro finance and Small Scale Business

Products development, credit management, savings mobilization, group formations, management and board structures, accounting policies and procedures, operating and reporting procedures.

Development of Policies, Board, Management Information Systems and Internal Audit Manuals.    Sustainability planning and development of performance indicators. Other related services are offered based on needs assessment by the client and in some circumstances, based on our recommendations.  These would range from Development of Proposals, Facilitation of Insurance Services and sourcing. etc. Target clients:  Board members, Senior Management, Operations Managers & Finance Managers, Business Development Managers etc.

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